I will be on "4SICS" in Stockholm - will you ?

Me on conferences | 9/19/2015

It has been a time since I have posted, Life has been busy and I have just returned from the EnergySec conference.

I am now getting ready for the 4SICS (4 SCADA, Industrial Control System) in Stockholm , where I am looking forward 
to present another SCADA research project "Who controls your industrial control systems?”, 


Qouting from the website 4SICS.se - home of 4SICS:

"4SICS – Stockholm international summit on cyber-security in SCADA and Industrial Control Systems.

4SICS is an annual summit that gather the most important ICS/SCADA cyber security stakeholders across critical industries (i.e.
energy, oil & gas, water, transportation and smartgrid etc).

I am so trilled to see a SCADA conference in the Nordics and do hope to see you there - it an amazing lineup of speakers :-)