Research project : "PR people would call this project Next-Gen SCADA Honeypot"

 SCADA = "Secure Combined Attribution Data Acquisition"  - Not released yet.

Research project : "Keep a knockin' but you can't come in"

A  detailed overview of the 'bandits and baddies' of the Internet (and how to bounce them out). - Not released yet.

Research project : "Who controls your SCADA control systems? "

A practical approach to deployment and use of ICS Honeypot units - presented at 2015

Research project :  Please, Come and Hack my SCADA System!" 

A overview on how to uses  HoneyPot, with special focus on the Energy sector. - presented at EnergySec's 11th Anniversary Security Summit

Research project: ""

Much more than one of my short projects, this will be a ongoing effort to use in-house collected SCADA/ Industrial Control Systems (ICS) threat intelligence feeds in STIX (and other formats to make firewalls, intrusion/prevention detection system etc .to act upon the data.

This project's new home will be on